Novel: “Elliott’s Name Is Elliott”

On her first morning in her new town of McMinnville, Oregon, Elliott Fortunato wakes up to discover her husband had been struck dead on the train tracks—and that’s just the first new thing she learns about her husband.

Elliott and her husband, Rafael, moved to McMinnville to get a fresh start after the miscarriage of their child and Elliott’s latest suicide attempt. The passionate painter daughter of a bipolar artist, Elliott struggles to find happiness when life has taught her those you love will inevitably leave.

As the mystery of her husband’s death unfolds, Elliott is visited by visions of her past—her bipolar mother, her miscarried child come to life, and her dead husband. Though the visions are not real, they help her confront and decipher the truth of her life.

ELLIOTT’S NAME IS ELLIOTT is a 74,000-word piece of literary fiction that blends elements of women’s fiction, mystery, and magical realism.

Becca Borawski Jenkins is currently seeking representation and Elliott is seeking a publisher. If you are interested, please contact Becca.