Short Story Collection: “Elements”

Four different characters, four different points of view—and an entire periodic table of elements.

Set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, this collection of short stories revolves around J.P. Beauchamp and the three most important people in his life—his best friend, Mack; his wife, Nora; and the love of his life, Petronille.

Beauchamp’s secret skill as a detective is the fact that he is afflicted with a form of synesthesia—he experiences each crime scene in a completely different way from the average person. Sounds as colors, smells as tastes, and much more. The stories blend elements of detective fiction, magical realism, neo noir, and romance.

Each story in this collection is themed around an element—sometimes very obviously, as in the death of a copper thief in the heart of Michigan’s Copper Country, and sometimes more subtly, as in the slow fizzle of magnesium in a road flare.

The first story in this collection is A Vein of Copper, published by Five on the Fifth.

Another story in the collection, The Magnesium Flame, has been published by Menacing Hedge and nominated for the 2018 Pushcart Prize.

I am presently submitting to suitable homes for the third installment, The Cobalt Goblin, which will be followed by the writing of An Iron Core.

I am currently seeking representation and Elements is seeking a publisher. If you are interested, please contact me.